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Final Accounts and Audit Preparation

Most businesses regard Audits and the preparation of Accounts as a necessary evil that adds no real value to the business.

We disagree and we aim to show that via the preparation and completion of these tasks we can add value by showing how they can enhance the knowledge of the business.

Whilst ensuring that your statutory obligations are met, we also take the opportunity to review your management and financial systems.

This usually results in our identifying potential problems and suggesting ways to improve your business.

We can then discuss the issues and opportunities with you and help you implement solutions.

A well prepared financial report can also help impress investors, other potential sources of finance and trade creditors who often require sets of accounts as part of their credit facility process.

ICAEW Chartered Accountants


We have a number of clients requiring statutory audits, which are initially run from standard templates, but are then tailored for client specific requirements. This requires several visits to client premises, documenting and testing of systems.

Management Accounts

Are generally provided from Sage Line 50 Profit and Loss / Balance sheet templates, but can be made more formal if required, e.g for banks etc. We can also produce detailed cash flow forecasts via our Winflow software.

Final Accounts

We use Iris software to produce final accounts which ensures that not only are the figures laid out in the correct format and the additional notes are up to date to meet legal requirements, we can also submit the accounts where required using the xbrl format to Companies House and HMRC.